Lydia (eBook) : A summer in Greece! Easy reader in Greek + AUDIO


The ebook “Λυδία: Ένα καλοκαίρι στην Ελλάδα!” (Lydia: A summer in Greece!) is an Easy reader in Greek,  intended for A1 – A2 level learners in Greek.
The book is also accompanied by MP3 downloadable audio files, which you will receive in your inbox on the order confirmation, after your payment.
This is the eBook version. You can download it, but you can not print it.

About the Audio-book:

Listen to the story, recorded by native Greek speakers, and improve your listening skills. Original melodies for the story were composed by talented musician Issidoros Papadakis.

Note: The Lydia book also has extra vocabulary lists available in German, French and Turkish, as well as a Verb Book, with the conjugations of 71 Verbs, used in Lydia’s story.