With this e-Shop, I aim to create a place where creative freelancers in Greece, have a place to show and/or sell their products or services, and to find more customers.
Creativity needs time, devotion and energy. When somebody creates a product or offers an amazing service, there is usually no time left for sales or marketing.

Mas aresi – (μας αρέσει) means “We like it”, in Greek. Click here to read more about the name, while learning your first Greek sentence!
We hope you will like the e-Shop, as well as the products related to Greece.

Whether it is a printed book / hard copy, Greek language book, ebook, video course, art object, design, workshop, course, or authentic accommodation, all related to the amazing Greek Art, Culture and Language,  I am happy to share the products and services with you and give you the opportunity to buy or book them from your home.

This shop went online on May 15th, 2019, with mainly books and eBooks to learn Greek or to learn more about Greek culture.
I aim to add more products over the next months, and intend to also start a new shop category “the Greek art shop”, when I find the time 🙂

I hope you will join me in exploring the art, ideas, and culture of Greece today.
And of course, I also hope you will soon visit Greece.

If you want to read “a part of my story”, and how my Greek adventure started, then you are welcome to click here and continue reading!

Sunny regards from Athens

Maya Cornelissens-Andreadi

PS. Already as a child I loved to “play bookstore”, for my sisters and brother! (see photo below) This e-Shop will reach more people than my bookstore back then, but I will always try to keep it as personal and creative, as back in the times without internet.