Accommodation in Greece, while exploring the “real Greece”

When you travel to Greece, you usually need to book accommodation, unless you can stay with friends or family in Greece.
Most of the masaresi clients are interested in the “real Greece”, they want to learn about Greek culture or even learn to communicate in the Greek language. If you are interested in discovering the “real Greece”, it also means you need to stay in locations where “tourism” is not taking over yet.
The places we suggest on this website are locations where Greeks live their normal lives, or places where Greeks also love to holiday with their families, far from big tour-operator hotels, cruise boats or charter airports. is not a travel agency, neither a hotel or Airbnb. However, we intend to mention some places where we believe you will spend a nice holiday, while you will also explore Greece, Greek culture, and will have contact with the locals.

The places we mention,  are also perfect to organize workshops in Greece.
if you want to organize your own workshop in Greece or spend a holiday with your own little group of friends, then take a look below.


The Echo House, situated exactly next to the beach in the village of Azolimnos,  can be rented entirely for workshops , or otherwise you can just rent one studio, for your holidays.

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