How can I order and pay my products on the masaresi eShop?


How do I use the “Shopping Cart”?

A Shopping Cart works the same way as you would use it in a physical store. It contains all the chosen products you have added to your “basket” and is the last step before your order. It allows you to monitor, add, and remove items as you would in a regular store.

How can I see the contents in my Cart / Basket?

To view the items in your shopping cart, click on “BASKET” on the top right of the page.

How do I add or remove items from my Cart / Basket?

To add an item to your cart, click on ‘Add to basket’, after you read the detailed description of the product of your choice.
To remove an item, click the icon “My Basket” on the top right of the page or “View My Basket” and then delete the item. When your order is correct, then click on “Update basket” underneath.

Do I need to create an account to make my order?

No, it is not necessary to create a personal account to order in  You can also shop without creating an account. However, by creating your personal account, you could store personal information and a shipping address, so you do not have to write them again in every order.


Payment Methods

All online payments must be made by debit or credit card.

 After adding your desired products to the masaresi “basket”, you will find the different payment methods at your “checkout”

See photo below as an example:



You can choose to pay with:



  1. When you click the CREDIT CARD BUTTON, you will be able to pay with following credit cards, after clicking on PLACE ORDER:



You will be asked to fill out your credit card details on this form, and your payment will proceed through the Mollie payment system.



What is mollie?

Mollie is a Dutch payment service provider (PSP) that will process your payment(s). They are certified by the Dutch national bank ( DNB ) and are checked just as strict as normal banks in The Netherlands.
They process payments for more than 100,000 companies worldwide.


  1. Payment with DEBIT Cards

    Depending of your country of origin, you can pay with following Debit-cards.

The cards selected are Debit Cards of Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria.
If you prefer to pay with your debit card, indicate which one, and follow the payment instructions afterward.


  1. does NOT offer the possibility to pay with PAYPAL.


  1. If you prefer not to do an online payment, but rather a Bank Transfer, this is possible.

In that case, write us an email, mentioning the product(s) you would like to buy. You will then receive the bank information (European Bank account in EURO).

In case of payments out of the EU, the extra bank charges are at your expense. After receiving your payment, your order will be sent to you.