ordering Greek coffee

How to order your favorite coffee in Greece & in Greek?

With this eBook, you will learn ;

» How to order your preferred  coffee (or another drink) in Greek,

» How to ask for extra sugar, the bill, etc,

» Helpful vocabulary, you can use everyday in Greece,

» Everyday useful sentences,

» How to make your own Frappe!

» The correct pronunciation in Greek, by listening to the audio link

Ideal for all language levels, since it teaches you the daily language and habits in Greece. Enjoy!

        NOTE for beginners learning Greek; all Greek vocab is translated in English, as well as written in Greeklish (Greek written with Latin characters).

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Coffee is a vital part of Greek culture…

It is not just about drinking “a coffee;” but a whole ritual goes along with it. Coffee breaks in Greece are serious affairs and can last for a long time! When a Greek says: “Let’s go for a coffee,” make sure you don’t have any plans for the next few hours.


What will you learn? 

To go for a coffee is a good way to start socializing with Greeks and to practice speaking Greek at the same time. With this eBook (which you can also print) you will learn which coffees exist in Greece, how to order your preferred coffee in Greek, how to ask for extra sugar, for the bill, etc… You will find an overview off handy vocabulary, as well as useful sentences & a short dialogues.
And oh…you will also learn how to make your own frappe 🙂

You can read this eBook while listening to the audio file, and learn the correct pronunciation in Greek.

For all language levels

This lesson might be difficult for beginners and easy for advanced learners, but  the vocabulary is useful for every language level. It will give you the motivation to start speaking Greek and communicate with the locals.

For the absolute beginners: do not worry if you do not know to read the Greek Alphabet yet! Apart from the Greek words, we also included the words in “greeklish” (Greek written with latin characters), so you can easily read it…


ordering Greek coffee