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Postal Address in Greece:
Pan. Tsaldari 13
15122 Athens, GREECE

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Email support (No Telephone Support)

You may be wondering why we don’t have a telephone number to call for help. Well, we are only 2 persons, and many times traveling between Belgium, Holland and various locations in Greece….so we had to make a choice. We do not work typical office hours from 9 to 5, but many times work very late at night, in weekends, on the boat, on the plane, in a hotel…Therefore we decided to answer your email on the moments of the day we are sure we have the appropriate time and are in the appropriate location to answer, with a good Internet connection.  At the same time, without having to think about the “phone”, we will be able to concentrate better on the e-Shop and create the unique Masaresi materials and products that you love.

So, we decided to provide support by email. When you fill out the contact form, we try to personally answer every message within 48 hours on business days.