71 Everyday Greek Verbs (eBook)


With this eBook, you can learn 71 everyday Greek verbs in the Present, Future, and Past Tenses.  You will receive a “printable PDF-file”, so you can also print this eBook and take with you to learn “offline”.
While learning Greek, grammar is also important, so this is a good opportunity to learn and rehearse Greek verbs in the 3 most used tenses.

Note: You can also use it in combination with the Easy Reader ‘Lydia – A summer in Greece!’, a story written for A1 – A2 level learners in Greek, + Audio.
The 71 verbs are all used in the “Lydia” story Easy Reader and conversations.
More info about the Lydia Easy Reader here : https://masaresi.com/product/lydia-easy-reader-audio/


General information, in case you are not used to “eBooks”;
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