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Speak Greek, With The Multi-media Starter Kit
Use Everyday Language and Simple Grammar

The Greek Speaking Starter Kit is your Shortcut to start speaking Greek, without fear.

It is FUN, FAST and Effective, and designed for any adult learner.
Use it at YOUR pace on YOUR time at YOUR place.

Introducing the 5-step system to start speaking Greek:

If you don’t want to spend years memorizing vocabulary, but you want to start speaking Greek now, follow this 5-step system:

STEP 1: Watch the introduction video lesson with images of daily life in Greece, related to every module (7 in total). Get into the mood to learn more 😊

STEP 2 : Read the Handout and memorize the one page of vocabulary (per module), in combination with the most necessary grammar to make a sentence (learning to conjugate your verbs in the present tense is an absolute must!!)

STEP 3: Watch the video lesson and repeat everything you have learned in the Handout, now with extra videos and photos to make it more fun, while you get the feeling you are actually in Greece.

STEP 4: Practice during the week, memorizing the words and sentences, and listen to the Audio of the vocabulary list, for the correct pronunciation.

STEP 5 : Enjoy speaking Greek, and impress your Greek friends or relatives with small little sentences.:)

When comfortable with the first unit, proceed to the next one, and apply the 5 steps again.
Click below for more details. 

Note: The “bakery lesson” is the 2nd lesson of the Starter Kit, and the only unit you can buy separately.


Everyday Greek Language for Beginners

For Beginners in Greek – Greek Speaking Starter Kit

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Everyday Greek Language for Beginners

Greek Speaking Starter Kit

 120,00  67,00