Learning Greek While Practicing with Greek Verbs

greek verb

I know, it is not always easy to keep a steady pace when learning a language.
During my own Greek language journey, I searched and found ways to keep studying, and I would like to share those with you.

How to motivate yourself to learn Greek?

Developing your motivation to learn Greek is necessary to reach your language learning goals. Try to combine language learning with doing things you enjoy. Possibilities are endless:

• read short articles about cultural events in Greece if that’s something you enjoy
• listen to Greek music when relaxing or exercising.
• go for a coffee with a Greek friend and try to say some words and sentences in Greek
• enjoy a dinner in a Greek restaurant and try to order in Greek
• join some Greek dance lessons and count your steps in Greek

By combining different activities related to Greek culture, everything will become much more interesting.
However, it still does not really give you the correct grammar basis in Greek grammar. And learning Greek without grammar is really impossible!
Every sentence needs a verb! So one of the first things to do, is learning verbs and making small sentences.

Exercise with verbs through social media channels

Having said that it’s useful to incorporate language learning into your daily routine, it might also be an idea to learn a new verb every day or week, and start making small sentences.

An idea is also to check regularly the Masaresi and Omilo- Facebook or Instagram pages, where every week verb exercises are posted.

Follow Masaresi at : Facebook OR  Instagram

Follow the Omilo Greek Language School at : Facebook   OR  Instagram

Here below 2 different social media slides, you will find regularly on those social media channels


Greek verb               greek verb


Learn more Greek Verbs with the eBook: “71 Everyday Greek Verbs”

If you are not a social media fan, but just want a useful verb book as a guide, then the eBook “71 Everyday Greek Verbs” is what you need. Learning the Greek verbs can be very challenging, but this eBook will help you to deal effectively with them.
In this printable eBook, you will find 71 basic everyday verbs, conjugated in Present, Future and Past tenses. For each verb, you are given its basic meaning(s) in English and you are presented with the most commonly used types in oral/written speech.
Of course, there are more verb books on the market, but most of them are very overwhelming, teaching you every tense (and there are many tenses in Greek!) and every existing verb, many of them you will not use on a daily basis.
Therefore I prefer this eBook myself, especially if you are at the first steps of learning Greek!

The Verb eBook can be used as a handy reference book of some of the most common Greek verbs, with the three tenses you will hear and need the most in everyday language.
Start with learning those verbs and tenses first! It is way enough to start with 🙂

Here below an example of a verb as presented in the eBook:

Greek verbs

Are you ready to learn more Greek Verbs and learn their conjugations in the present, future and past tenses?
Then click on the button below and order your eBook





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