Limni Vouliagmeni – A Perfect Relaxing Day, in Athens

lake vouliagmeni

Limni Vouliagmeni, or often called Vouliagmeni Lake, is a perfect destination for a relaxing day, throughout the entire year.
This special spot is like a hidden treasure, offering calmness and natural beauty. It’s often called Vouliagmeni Lake. People from Athens and around the world come here to enjoy its special waters, which can help you feel better, and something really unique: a natural spa with little fish.

Limni Vouliagmeni is like a gift from nature. It’s like a small sea inside the land. It was made a long time ago by the earth moving around. The water in the lake is warm because of hot springs deep underground. These springs give the water special stuff that can help your body.

Unspoiled Natural Beauty

Surrounded by lush greenery and rugged rock formations, tall pine trees and vibrant wildflowers, this location creates a sense of serenity, while the dramatic cliffs and caves that encircle the lake add an air of mystery to the environment. For nature enthusiasts, the area offers opportunities for exploration, birdwatching, and even short hikes to witness panoramic views of the lagoon and the sparkling Aegean Sea beyond.

A Fun Spa with Fish

The lake is also famous for something really interesting. Inside the water, there are small fish that like to tickle your skin. They’re called “doctor fish.” They do something special: they gently eat the old skin from your body. It might sound funny, but it’s like a natural spa treatment! People who go into the water say it feels funny but nice, and their skin feels soft and new afterward.


A Haven for Relaxation

In addition to its natural charm, Limni Vouliagmeni offers a range of amenities designed to enhance the visitor experience. The lake is equipped with changing facilities, sun loungers, and umbrellas, making it easy for visitors to sunbath  or  go for a swim. A nearby café provides refreshments and light snacks, ensuring that visitors can spend an entire day .

How to reach Limni Vouliagmeni

Reaching Limni Vouliagmeni from Athens is quite simple and can be done using various transportation options.

  1. By taxi: using a taxi is always a convenient way in Athens, and also  to reach Limni Vouliagmeni. The journey takes around 30 to 40 minutes,from centre Athens, depending on traffic.
  2. By Public Transportation:
    • Bus: Take the bus from central Athens to Vouliagmeni. (checking on google maps will work fine)
      From Vouliagmeni, you can walk or take a short taxi ride to Limni Vouliagmeni.
    • Tram: You can take the tram (Line 3) from central Athens to the “Voula” or “Asklipiio Voulas” stop. From there, you can take a taxi or a bus to Limni Vouliagmeni.
  3. limni vouliagmeni
    limni vouliagmeni
  4. Tours and Excursions: Many travel agencies and tour operators offer guided tours to Limni Vouliagmeni. These tours often include transportation, making it a hassle-free way to visit the location.


Visiting Limni Vouliagmeni is like taking a break from regular life. The warm water and the fish spa make it special and different. It’s a place where you can forget about worries and enjoy the beauty of nature. So, if you want to feel better, have some fun with fish, and enjoy the calming scenery, Limni Vouliagmeni is the perfect place to explore

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