Learn the “Everyday Greek Language”, a practical and fun online course for Beginners 1-2

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Do you also wish to learn the daily Greek language, but you have a hard time to actually start and practice?
How would you feel if you could communicate in Greek at your hotel, in a Greek tavern, with your Greek friends or buy your food and drinks in Greek?

Did you start learning Greek recently, but you feel it is all too overwhelming? You are not in the mood to learn with typical course books and a lot of grammar structures?

Here is the good news;  It is not that difficult if you lose your fear of speaking Greek and start to communicate in Greek from day one.
And this is exactly what we want to help you with

a. You will learn useful vocabulary and only those things you need or hear on a daily basis while visiting Greece
b. You will get a lot of practical examples and explanations with small videos
c. There is no problem at all in making mistakes, and we love to help you with speaking Greek

The units covered are…

1. How to Greet in Greek
2. Bakery, Pastry Shop & Sandwich Bar
3. The Greek Kiosk and Mini-Market
4. Ordering a Souvlaki in Greek
5. Eating Out in Greece
6. Ordering Drinks in Greek
7. Making Small Talk in Greek

Every lesson, in total 7, consists of:

• An introduction video (around 2 minutes)
• A handout (each handout is between 10 and 15 pages)
• A video lesson (between 25 and 45 minutes)
• Extra videos with grammar, vocabulary or dialogues (video platform)
• MP3 link for Vocabulary and correct pronunciation