Learn the “Everyday Greek Language” Video Course


Learn to communicate in Greek from day one, while having fun.
The “Everyday Greek Language Video course” consists of the following 7 video lessons + eBooks:

1. How to Greet in Greek
2. Bakery, Pastry Shop & Sandwich Bar
3. The Greek Kiosk and Mini-Market
4. Ordering a Souvlaki in Greek
5. Eating Out in Greece
6. Ordering Drinks in Greek
7. Making Small Talk in Greek

Every lesson, in total 7, consists of:

• An introduction video (around 2 minutes)
• A handout (each handout is between 10 and 15 pages)
• A video lesson (between 25 and 45 minutes)
• Extra videos with grammar, vocabulary or dialogues (video platform)
• MP3 link for Vocabulary and correct pronunciation

Click here and take a look at the “trailer” for the video course