Advanced Greek Workbook 1 – Εμείς και τα κινητά μας

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This eBook is a workbook for advanced students in the Greek language.
(This is a printable PDF document, so you can print it out and make exercises by hand as well)

Are you at the Intermediate 2 or Advanced level in Greek and you would like some extra practice to keep you going?
Do you want to study by yourself,  improving your Greek and listening comprehension, while having fun?

This eBook is the 1st out of 7. (the remaining 5 will be published in March)
Each workbook includes a text on a different topic.
The text is also accompanied by an audio link, so you can improve your listening skills.
In workbook 1 the first text is about phones and smartphones: Εμείς και τα κινητά μας.

Each eBook consists of the following:

  1. A workbook of 13-15 pages
  2. A reading text to build your vocabulary in Greek
  3. Audio link to the text
  4. Grammar and vocabulary exercises – advanced level
  5. An exercise to practice the “stress/accent” on every word in Greek (by using the audio)
  6. A crossword
  7. A text, which guides you to find the words in the crossword
  8. Answer key to all exercises

The Authors of the eBook have also written the Fygame yia Ellinika Language book, and they have been teaching Greek to foreigners for more than 15 years at the Omilo Greek Language and Culture School.