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This eBook/video course is meant for everybody at beginners 1 or beginners 2 levels in Greek (you only need to be able to read the Greek alphabet), and will teach you very practical Greek, which can be used while visiting Greece.
You will get motivated to start communicating from day 1, and losing your fear to speak Greek.
The “Everyday Greek Language Video course” consists of the following 7 lessons:

1. How to Greet in Greek
2. Bakery, Pastry Shop & Sandwich Bar
3. The Greek Kiosk and Mini-Market
4. Ordering a Souvlaki in Greek
5. Eating Out in Greece
6. Ordering Drinks in Greek
7. Making Small Talk in Greek

Click here and take a look at the “trailer” for the video course

Every lesson, in total 7, consists of:

• An introduction video (around 2 minutes)
• A handout / eBook (each handout is between 10 and 15 pages)
• A video lesson (between 25 and 45 minutes)
• Extra videos explaining grammar, verb conjugations, vocabulary or dialogues
• A vocabulary list with AUDIO for the correct pronunciation

The 7 video lessons cannot be bought separately, except for lesson 2 (the Greek bakery) and lesson 3 (the Greek kiosk). See below.

Apart from building up vocabulary with every lesson, also new grammar is introduced with every lesson and built up. Therefore it is best to learn the lessons in the given order.