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Discover how you learn to speak Greek while enjoying yourself!

Lose your fear speaking Greek, learn useful everyday Greek vocabulary + simple grammar and start communicating in Greek from day 1.

Since 1996, Omilo organizes Greek Language and Culture Courses in Greece as well as online, for participants from all over the world. By teaching thousands of students off- and online over the years, they got a lot of expertise and useful feedback.
For years Omilo makes the Greek language learners feel at ease, convince them it is totally OK to make mistakes, tell them which typical mistakes they better avoid 😊,  teach them the vocabulary they can use every day, and how they could start communicating in Greek without fear.

Their expertise is now gathered into an online course, where you will learn how to start easy conversations with Greeks while learning more about Greek culture, You will learn to speak everyday Greek, but also get more depth into Greek culture, food, drinks and Greek traditions.

Every lesson, in total 7, consists of:

• An introduction video, to get the feeling you are actually in Greece
• A handout / eBook
• A video lesson, explaining everything with pictures and examples, of what is also written down in the eBook
• Extra videos explaining grammar, verb conjugations, vocabulary or dialogues
• A vocabulary list with AUDIO for the correct pronunciation

Apart from building up vocabulary with every lesson, also new grammar is introduced in every lesson. Therefore it is best to start with lesson 1 and proceed till lesson 7.

However, if you would prefer to start with just one lesson, to get a better idea, it is possible to buy lesson 2 (the Greek bakery) or lesson 3 (the Greek kiosk and mini-market) individually. See below.