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Learn to speak Greek, while having fun

Are you in love with Greece, and dreaming to be able to communicate in Greek?
Did you take some Greek lessons, but you are not confident enough to actually speak Greek?
With this online course, you will lose your fear of speaking Greek, learn useful everyday Greek vocabulary + simple grammar, and start communicating in Greek from day 1.

Every module, in total 7, consists of:

• An introduction video, related to your lesson, showing how everything looks like in Greece
• A handout / eBook per module (between 13-15 pages)
• A video lesson per module (between 25-40 minutes), explaining everything with pictures, videos and examples
• Extra videos explaining grammar, verb conjugations, vocabulary or dialogues
• A vocabulary list per module, with AUDIO for the correct pronunciation

Apart from building up vocabulary with every lesson, also new grammar is introduced in every lesson. Therefore it is best to start with lesson 1 and proceed till lesson 7.

However, if you would prefer to start with just one lesson, to get a better idea how it works, it is possible to buy lesson 2 (the Greek bakery) or lesson 3 (the Greek kiosk and mini-market) individually. See below.