Listening to Greek, while learning about Greece

Greek utimate listening ebook

If you want to speak Greek well, you also need to be able to listen well.

When you start learning a new language, many want to be able to speak as fast as possible, so they can communicate with the locals, and feel a bit more Greek.  This is very natural, and also for me, this was always my main goal.
For the beginning stages of your Greek language journey, it is for sure a good plan to start speaking from day one, and it is great if you can at least start communication with your first sentences in Greek.  Just in case you are now at the moment you would like to start learning Greek, then check out the Greek Speaking Starter Kit. It is a shortcut to start communication in Greek.

However, from the moment you advance in the language, listening comprehension is as important, in order to be able to speak! If you do not understand what the locals are saying, then the conversation is soon finished, and in most cases, everybody will continue speaking in English.

Certainly, there are people who read and understand well, but who can’t speak well. I believe this is mostly because they are afraid of speaking or of making mistakes, and prefer not to get into “this adventure”.

However, I know several people who seem to be able to speak the everyday Greek language, but actually don’t understand when somebody speaks quickly, or don’t understand a conversation with several people, neither understand a Greek TV-series. This means that they don’t have a high level of listening comprehension.

So the more advanced you are in speaking Greek, the more important it also becomes to practice your listening skills.

Nowadays with the internet, it is actually easy to find Greek sources to listen to, such as Greek radio, internet TV, YouTube channels, songs, etc…
But in most cases, you just listen, and no translation in English is provided. So after a while, your concentration is gone…or you can not go back to look up the written text or vocabulary you have heard. At least, this is how always experienced it, and a reason I did not listen often to the radio anymore.

Learning about Greece while improving your listening and reading comprehension skills

To help you to improve your listening skills, the Omilo-school has created the eBook, Greece, The Ultimate Listening Comprehension eBook“, which includes nine texts about different subjects related to Greece and Greek culture. They also include the Audio files, the written Greek texts, and the English translations.

That way, you can choose :

a. To improve your listening skills, and listen to native speakers who talk clearly and not too fast.
b. To improve your reading comprehension, and read the text in Greek, learning new vocabulary at the same time
c. To learn more about Greece, with English translations. If you are not yet at the level to understand those texts in Greek and you need to look up too many words, then you can start with the English translations, and get excited about the “Real Greece”, and what Greece has to offer.
It is also a way to motivate yourself to keep learning Greek!

Because Greece It is not just moussaka, tzatziki and bouzouki! :), but has so many more things to explore and discover.

If you want to give it a try, then click here and take a look.

NOTE . you can also  take a look at the video below, to get a better idea,
In the video, you see that we show the printed version.
After purchasing your eBook, you receive a download link, giving you access to the PDF file, which you can download to your computer.
The PDF is an A4 size, so the normal size for any printer. You can choose to print it in color, or in black and white. That way, you do not only have the ebook on your computer, but you can also take it with you, and read anywhere you want, exactly as you see it in the video.
The audio files are accessible via the internet on your phone or computer.

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