The Pleasure Of Visiting The Weekly Greek Market

Are you also in the mood to visit the weekly market and/or learn more Greek ?

When living in Greece, one of those weekly habits and pleasures is going to the laiki agora, the weekly market. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, and not only.. Especially when you live in a big city, on an apartment, and without access to a garden, the laiki is the ideal solution.

When visiting the laiki, you also get a good opportunity to practice your Greek language skills with the farmers on the market, learning also new words every single time. The farmers selling their goods are coming from different places in Greece, and when buying your groceries, you also get to know the Greek geography.

Oranges from Nafplion, mandarins from Korinthos, bananas from Crete,  grapes from Nemea, eggs from Evia, , etc… even Greek tulips from marathon

You can read more about this in Podcast 13 of the Easy Greek Stories. (will be online in one month…be patient! 😉

In the meantime, you can take a look at the video below, and learn many Greek words.

Under the video you can find all the words you see in the video, and some extra ones,

Note; sometimes the signs in the laiki have spelling mistakes, because let’s face it, Greek spelling is not easy, and even Greeks can get confused 🙂

In the text under the video, you will find the words with the correct spelling


Greek Vocabulary

για μωρά – strawberries for babies


πορτοκάλια – oranges

Ζουμερά, γλυκά Ναυπλίου – juicy, sweet oranges from Nafplion

λάχανα γλυκά – sweet cabbages

λάχανo – cabbage

παντζάρια – beetroots

μπρόκολα – broccoli

κουνουπίδι cauliflower

Πατάτες Τριπόλεως νόστιμες  – Delicious potatoes from Tripoli

Πιπεριές Κρήτης πράσινες – Green peppers from Crete

πιπεριές πράσινεςgreen peppers

σέλερι τρυφερό – tender celery

Πράσα ζουμερά πολύ – Very juicy leeks

πράσα – leeks

Πιπεριές Φλωρίνης – Ποιότης Α – peppers from Florina- First Quality

Ντομάτες Φιλιατρά Μεσσηνίας – Ποιότης Α –  Tomatoes from Filiatra, Messinia – First Quality

ντομάτες – tomatoes

αγγουράκια φρέσκα  Φιλιατρά – Fresh cucumbers From Filiatra


Καρότα Super γλυκά – Super sweet carrots

καρότα – carrots

Λωτούς μέλι για μωρά – Lotus – honey (= very sweet) for babies


Ζουμερά λεμόνια Kορινθίας – Juicy lemons from Corinthia

λεμόνια – lemons

Βότανα Εύβοιας – Herbs from Euboea

βότανα – herbs





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