Why I can not download my eBook or Audio MP3 Files?


 Questions related to this subject are answered below

1. I bought an eBook but never received it

2. My download links do not work

3. I can not change the password in my account

4. I cannot find my downloaded files on my iPad / iPhone

5. I see that my download link will expire. Why?


  1. I bought an eBook, but I never received it

After payment of your order, you have received the confirmation email in your inbox, with the download link(s) of your PDF files (eBook) or MP3 Files (Audio)

Please look for that email, and use your download links.
If you did not find the email in your inbox, take a look in your spam folder, at the date of your order.


2. My download links do not work

 You might have some problems with download links, for the following reason:

After your payment, you received a confirmation email with download links. Those links expire within 60 days, as mentioned in your confirmation email (see above)
If you have not downloaded your eBook or Audio files to your own device(s) within 60 days after purchase, the links will not work anymore.


3. I can not change the password in my account

We sometimes get questions from clients, telling us they can not get into their account, or change their password.

Note; Making an account is not necessary to receive your eBooks or information, but it might be easier when you order regularly from masaresi.com, and finding again your previous orders.
All clients that had this problem, apparently had Mac computers or iPad/iPhones

After emailing many times with one client, we received the following answer and advice

Dear Maya,
This morning I investigated what could cause the problem. Apple is increasing their secure accessibility more and more and
Probably this is why users can encounter problems sometimes.

So I tried to login, after again changing my password, with the Firefox browser instead of Safari (the Apple one) and I succeeded.
When you have more customers with this problem you can advise them to use another browser.
I can imagine other browsers don’t show this problem.

4. I cannot find my downloaded files on my iPad / iPhone

We regularly get questions from clients with iPads/iPhones, about the downloads of our eBooks.
They apparently download the eBooks to their iPad but cannot find where they are stored afterward.  This problem is apparently only happening with certain models of iPad or iPhone.

There are no problems reported with other devices,

Since nobody of our team in Greece uses an iPad or iPhone, we could not investigate ourselves, but a UK Client investigated further, and we are grateful he has sent the answer to masaresi.com
Read below


Dear Maya,

The first person I saw at the Apple store, couldn’t find where the downloads were going from your e-shop either but did admit that in the past, there has been an issue with the ipad operating system, (ioS), when it isn’t automatically able to recognize the format of the file being downloaded.

However, when she questioned a colleague, he told us that in the past week, Apple has released a completely overhauled version of ioS, specifically for the iPad, which is called ‘iPadOS 13.3’ & which is a free update for iPad users.

And when I tried it on my previous order, not only do your files download ok, there is now a small icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen which when you click on it, it allows you to choose where you want to store the download:

If you don’t click on this icon, the files will download the file into the user’s ‘iCloud drive Download’ storage area.

The only thing that doesn’t work absolutely perfectly is that it doesn’t recognize the Greek characters and so when they are stored, you can only identify the word ‘Unit’,or other English words or numbers in the title. (albeit the file can be renamed once downloaded and stored)


I hope this helps you and your customers to overcome the problems they’ve been experiencing, and I look forward to hearing when the next Omilo ebooks are out.

Best regards,

5. I see on my order that my download link will expire. Why?
Had I known that I would have chosen the ‘hard copy” instead of eBook

Please note: The eBook does not expire at all, and you have it forever!
You just need to download it to your computer, tablet, or phone within 60 days.

The reason: if all our clients will keep downloading continuously all the eBooks from the website, every time they want to use or read it, due to heavy traffic, the webpage will not work properly anymore and might slow down. Nobody likes a slow responding website, and reading your eBook offline, is very convenient as well.